I typed this in the wrong language. help!תעזור לי
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How do i fix typing in the wrong language (forgetting to Alt+Shift before typing) without retyping the whole thing?

Sometimes, I type a sentence or paragraph, only to find that I have used the wrong keyboard (i Am using XP with Hebrew as well as English)

is there any macro/plugin/software or easy way to fix this without retyping all the words?

i'd think many people come across this problem...

If you have this problem as well, even if you don't have a solution, please post and perhaps it's worth paying a freelance programmer to produce...
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Ah, I had this problem when I was trying to learn the colemak keyboard, and submitted to the colemak site a little app to convert from colemak<>qwerty.

Unfortunately, I don't know what Hebrew keys correspond to which qwerty keys. It's easier, obviously, if there's a one-to-one correspondence, but even if you're composing the Hebrew out of multiple key presses as suggested here, it's probably do-able.

You should indicate what OS (Windows, OS X, linux) you're using, so others can give you a better answer.

If you don't get one, mefi mail me, and I might be open to putting together something for you on a freelance basis.
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Response by poster: thank you orthogonality.

(as mentioned above, albeit not clearly enough)

I am using Windows XP.
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DifferentApproachFilter: AutoHotKey will intercept and pass key combinations like Alt + Shift. You could play a blipping noise when you actually switch. Then if you don't hear the 'blip', you know you haven't switched modes and you need to stop typing and try again.

I bet I could write that utility in no time. Message me if you want to make it happen!
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Best answer: Izzmeister, check your mefi-mail.

Anyone else who wats this, mefi-mail me.
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