Cheap, decent feather pillows?
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Where can I get cheap but decent feather pillows online?

I loves me some cold, squishy feather pillow goodness. I had a set of Pacific Coast pillows I got pretty cheap some years (10?) ago (I think they were about $30-40 each) but they lost too much of their spring over the years. So I tried to buy some new ones and every pillow I buy under $50 a piece has the same problem: feathers poking through the ticking. The PC ones never did that. I would have maybe 1 or 2 feather poke through the ticking in several months. These pillows, half a dozen a day. Take off the pillow case and the quills sticking out along the seam look like a spine. Not good. Can I still get decent quality feather pillows without spending an arm an a leg?
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I got some decent ones at Ikea. No poke-age problems. My one complaint is that when new, they're a little bit noisy. You know, when your head hits the pillow, there's noise. They've loosened up over the years, though, and now they're quite nice.
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Best answer: I absolutely love these pillows.
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I've had fantastic luck with bedding in general (and specifically down pillows) at Overstock.
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Yeah, I have some nice squishy pillows from Ikea too. They were quite cheap and I haven't had any feather issues in the past two years. One is even a nice shade of dark pink (matches my comforter, they might have other matching color sets), which may or may not appeal to you, but it does make it easier to tell which is my favorite pillow.
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Nth the Overstock suggestion.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies so far. I looked at Overstock and all they had was down (or synthetic fillers). Feathers and down aren't the same thing. Down is much softer, fluffier, and warmer. Feathers are dense and cold. Ikea and the link that Floydd provided look more promising.
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Response by poster: I ordered 4 pillows from the link provided by Floydd, above. After receiving them and spending a week sleeping on them I am extremely pleased. No feather poke-through, no smell, nicely filled. Highly recommended. Thanks Floydd!
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