Please help a North American find a great new British mystery on DVD.
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What is the latest and greatest murder mystery series or procedural series on British TV that I can get on DVD for my Canadian husband?

He's loved Cracker and Prime Suspect and Waking the Dead...
He's a big fan of the Wallander novels. So, that's where he's coming from.

Is it possible to find a set online of something awesome he's never heard of? Doesn't have to be British, I guess - as long as it has english sub-titles.
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The plots in Foyle's War often involve murder mysteries. The setting is WWII Britain, which makes it a bit different than most procedurals. The production values and acting are uniformly excellent, as well.
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Best answer: State of Play
Jan 09 The last enemy
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The original Life on Mars is fantastic.
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Messiah has been the standout for me recently. this link is for series 1 & 2 (3 & 4 are also available) BUT only in regions 2 and 4 (PAL) I'm afraid. But if you've a player, well worth it.
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There's an adaptation of Wallander being broadcast on the BBC at the moment. The DVD is due out at the end of December. Think it's only region 2 though.

Second State Of Play too
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The Ken Stott version of Rebus is quite good. The John Hannah version sucks.

Wire in the Blood is loved by many. As is the first season of Touching Evil (beware the final episode, a horribly dated internet focused crime).

The Inspector Lynley mysteries are solid, but fall into the "cozy" category.

Most of these have been around for years. Some have just become available in Canada in the last little while.
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Wire in the Blood was going to be my suggestion too, if you haven't seen it yet. Are you in Canada? Some of the DVDs are available in Toronto library.
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I've always enjoyed the Inspector Morse series. Viewers seem to say that some are better than others. Enjoy.
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I like inspector Morse as well.

Also good, and a procedural though not a police procedural technically speaking is the counter-intelligence series MI-5.
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Best answer: He'll really like Wire in the Blood if he likes Cracker and Prime Suspect. Trial and Retribution is written by Lynda LaPlante, the writer of Prime Suspect. I think the last T & R was last year, and they're up to what... T&R 9 or summat? Silent Witness might also float his boat if he likes the "brit CSI" feel of Waking the Dead.

Speaking of Val McDermid, there was an adaptation of Place of Execution on ITV a couple of months back that was really excellent.

Wallander looks pretty good, but I think the whole Tortured Hard Drinking Maverick Grouch Detective thing is getting a bit threadbare.
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Sounds like you are describing my parents; I know that they've also enjoyed Inspector Morse and Foyle's War.
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I am currently watching Ultraviolet. It's not new but it's brilliant and available on Amazon.
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Seconding Foyle's War.
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Morse and Foyle's War... can't go wrong with either.
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Best answer: Run, do not walk, to pick up Wire in the Blood!! It is fantastic, unpredictable & has the excellent Robson Green as the lead character (although the whole cast is very good), who is also in Touching Evil. I would also recommend the Inspector Lynley series.
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