Help our bookclub find a place to meet.
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Trying to find a good venue for a book club in NYC to meet - a coffeeshop or independent bookstore would be ideal, but certainly not necessary. The only real considerations are that it be public, not super-packed on Wednesday nights when we meet, and a place where we can either purchase or bring a bottle of wine - more inside.

For our test meeting a few weeks ago, we tried Tea Spot in Greenwich Village. Tea Spot is a lovely, quietish place for crumpets and conversation, but some opined that we might be better off with a place where we could purchase or bring a bottle of wine, perhaps a sort of Plato's-Symposium type deal, or a place that requires less scouting out a table beforehand (it was fairly packed.)

A perfect example of what we're looking for would be Think Coffee in the Village, except it's super-packed at any given time and probably not the most conducive to discussion. Any suggestions overall - perhaps a really nice independent bookstore that deserves our patronage and would provide a table, and maybe discounted books? Or maybe a coffeeshop with more than just coffee?

I'm happy to answer any other questions about the group - thanks!
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Maybe try V Bar? I haven't been there late, but it's pretty calm in the afternoons.
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I came in to recommend Rapture Cafe, but it's closed! Truly full of suck.

How many people does your book club consist of? What's your price range?
If your price range is no problem, then I'd recommend Tarallucci E Vino on 18th and Broadway -- their wines go from $35 a bottle upwards, and they have a really long communal table that might serve well for a book club. They have sort of a fancy-ish feel, which might not go well with your group, though. If your group is relatively small, like 5 or 6 people, then maybe the Tarallucci E Vino on 1st ave and 10th will work out for you -- their prices are lower, and it's generally homey-feeling. They have wine, too.

(I have no affiliation with these places -- I just like their cafes)
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Some ideas:
Rebar in Dumbo - there is a gigantic lounge with old couches that would be good for a book club meeting
Housing Works Used Book Cafe in Soho
Tea Lounge in Park Slope
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