Winter nights, cold heads
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Anybody have a good suggestion for a nice night cap (the kind you wear, not the kind you drink)? Or another product to mitigate the effect of winter chill on the exposed head area?
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Are you talking about something to wear while sleeping? I find that a hooded sweatshirt does the trick.
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I sometimes sleep in a hooded sweatshirt, and often I sleep in a cashmere watch cap. It's not itchy, which rocks.
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Does it have to be nice? My winter hats are too itchy for me to sleep in, so I'll usually take a t-shirt, pop my head halfway into the headhole and flip the rest up behind me. It's satisfyingly warm and extremely cheesy looking.
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How bout this fashion statement.
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A balaklava with the part that covers the mouth cut off
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Thirding hooded sweatshirts. Hats fall off too easily if you move around a lot. Sometimes you can find hooded long sleeve t-shirts if sweatshirts are too heavy/warm.

I also knew a kid in college who would sometimes wear his goofy snowboarding hat to sleep. It was probably more like he fell asleep with it on, but either way it had a strap that kept it in place.
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I sleep in a variety of this. No fashion statement but not itchy and stays on and is WARM.
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Watch caps are perfect, especially with the rolled brim cause if you're really cold you can unroll it to your eyebrows.
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I put a down pillow at the head of the bed, and just jam my bald head into it. Works great.
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If you really want to go traditional with this, and actually get a *nightcap*, here's a place that sells them, and nightshirts as well.
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I have a bucket hat type hat (without the brim) that was made from two layers of nappy polar fleece, loose fit. It is near perfect. big enough that you can pull it down over your eyes, or fold the rim up. Very warm. Not terribly fashionable, but during winter who the hell cares.
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yeah a fleece hat works, a place like Old Navy usually has them for super cheap

(used to live in a freezing cold townhouse)
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This covers your ears and stays on your head.
posted by desjardins at 11:09 AM on December 2, 2008

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