How to update Iphone 3G manually without the use of iTunes software?
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How to update my Iphone 3G manually to version 2.2 without iTunes? my current version is 2.0.1 (5B108)

I had received Iphone 3G as a gift and I am residing oversea (not in Europe) in which the country's telecommunication company smart card works with my Iphone.
But in terms of updating new firmware version 2.2 through itunes wont work.
the Itunes mention when I connect the device "The simcard inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported"

There must be a way to upgrade without the need of itunes software.

If you found the solution could you please explain it to me step by step because I am new with iphone or ipod gadget.

thanks a lot!
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Best answer: Pwnage Tool
posted by dance at 4:15 AM on December 2, 2008

Best answer: Have you tried taking the SIM card out, connecting the phone to update it, and then putting it back in when you are done?
posted by joshrholloway at 5:11 AM on December 2, 2008

Response by poster: I have upgraded my Iphone 3G firmware to 2.2 thanks to you all!
But unfortunate my sim card is not working anymore. Is there a way to Unlock it by a software or a trick without using AT&T sim card.
Thanks again.
posted by omaralarifi at 1:55 AM on December 3, 2008

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