Exchange Server Alternatives
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What is a good, cheap alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for sharing Outlook calendar data over a network?
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Unfortunately, as far as Windows-based solutions go, there isn't anything nearly as good. The only thing I've seen so far that comes close is Public Outlook (buy here).

And naturally, none of the cracks out there (so far) work for 1.2 -- not that I've tried personally, but so I've heard. The people who wrote the software are very nice about giving you a temporary key so you can try it out. In fact, I was so impressed by their try-before-you-buy policy that I would have bought the software. Would have, but then Microsoft released their Small Business Server 2003, which is a scaled-down SQL/Exchange/Sever that offers all the bells and whistles of the 2003 operating system, and some mind-numbingly easy-to-use interfaces.

In the end, a copy of SBS 2003 will run you something like $700 (5 clients), and for that you get a full-functioning server for a small business. The Public Outlook solution fixes just ONE problem of syncronization, yet 5 client licenses will cost you about $500. It's a no-brainer.

I'd be interested in seeing what anyone else has come up with.
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The cheapest alternative is to have someone you know who works at Microsoft buy you the software you want using their employee discount.
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I have not tried any of these, but here they are anyway:

Exchange for Linux (free)

Open Groupware - multi-client groupware. (free)

Open Exchange (not free, but probably cheaper than Exchange)
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