alternatives to a ikea washbasin?
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Any similar sinks out there to the Ikea HÖLLVIKEN bathroom sink? I like the size and shape of this basin, but want to get some other options. Also, if anyone knows anything about the quality of this sink, those comments would also be appreciated.
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Here's a wall-mounted Porcher sink for your approval. We had a version of this (minus towel rails) and loved it - great to use, beautiful and understated to look at.
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My brother has had one (the 31 1/2" model) installed in a bathroom for a bit over four years. It's held up great to my eyes, even with everyone in his family using it almost every day.
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We had one in our last house, and were pleased with it. If you like wall mount sinks, we got a tiny wall-mounted Catalano Verso for our tiny master bath in our current house. I really like it because you can mount it sideways.
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I can't speak about the bathroom sink, but we're absolutely in love with our DOMSJÖ kitchen sink. It's sturdy and withstands scratches extremely well.
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Thanks all, I'll be buying it today.
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