Learning how to lead a professional school?
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Can you tell me about graduate programs in higher education administration that focus on leadership and administration of vocational/applied sciences colleges (like Hogescholen or polytechnic universities) and applied arts institutes (like California College of the Arts or the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design)? Location can be anywhere but teaching must be in English. Thanks!

Let me just add: I do not want to teach at any level after graduate school.
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Why don't you want to teach? Do you already have a teaching background?

My husband is a head teacher in an institution like this, but he is required to have a strong educational background and to teach a certain number of hours per week. Although upper level administrators no longer teach, they all have a teaching background. Most of the work they deal with is in course design, student growth and retention, scheduling, recruitment etc and that would all be somewhat more difficult without an education background.
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The MBA in Higher Education Management at the University of London Institute of Education is perhaps the sort of thing that you are looking for, or the longer programme at the University of Bath. However, these aren't specifically tailored towards management at any particular kind of HE institution.

I might be wrong, but I don't think you will find a programme as specialised as you request in your question: professional programmes in HE management at all are a fairly new thing, and they tend to be fairly generic, and specialisation comes e.g. through the coursework and projects that you do as part of the course.
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It's not an aversion to teaching, but if I did teach it would be in a different subject area than Higher Ed Admin.
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parmanparman - most tend to teach in the area of their undergraduate (or masters - depending on which country you're in/going to) or area of work experience. So you wouldn't be teaching higher ed admin. My husband teaches marketing, for example.
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wingless_angel: I have a BSc in Publishing. Not the most useful degree, these days :(
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