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Christmas Gift Filter: I am looking for a leather wristlet for my sister and can't find exactly what I want.

I am looking for a leather wristlet that is large enough to hold keys, a cell phone and all wallet-related materials (drivers license, cards, cash...) for a Christmas gift for my 20 year old sister. She likes this but is more interested in leather than cloth (she's pretty hard on her stuff and is looking for something more durable). I like that the one linked has all of the wallet slots inside but also has enough space for keys and a phone. I haven't been able to find it in leather and am really not sure where to look....Shopping isn't really my strong suit. As a last resort, I would probably commission someone on etsy to make it for me, but would rather buy it already made so that I can see what it looks like first. For the absolute right thing, I am probably ok with spending about $100 but would obviously love to pay less.
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Search for "leather wristlet" at - there are tons of options.
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Have you looked at these products?
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Delight has these cute little bags that can be a wristlet, a clutch, or something long and strappy.
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Have you looked at Etsy, searching "wristlet" or "wristlet leather"? Here's a cute purple one, one with poppies, simple grey one, nice silkscreened brown one, one a bit bigger that is a wristlet/clutch.
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- green vinyl with little bird
- bit bigger with pleats
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Sorry - missed that you want credit card slots inside the wristlet. Here's one from Piperlime. And a cute grey one. Do a search, there are some 20% off coupons for that store floating around.
- Kenneth Cole
- love Marc Jacobs but pricey
- very cute Coach
- Juicy
- urban
- Dooney

Or yeah, find someone on Etsy that does nice leather wristlets, show them these links, and have them make some slots inside.
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Update- this one from Etsy is gorgeous. Ask the seller to add a strap of some kind.
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Wow, thanks! you are all much better shoppers than me! I am going to get her this one in brown. She will love it!
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