Where is there a large outdoor staircase in the SF bay area, similar to the Spanish Steps in Rome?
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Where is there a large outdoor staircase in the SF bay area, similar to the Spanish Steps in Rome? Needed for wedding proposal

I have decided to ask my partner to marry me. We both are not really into the whole "smoogly-boogly" love-y dove-y thing, so I want my proposal to be a bit funny. We have been together for almost 6 years and we are not the traditional couple which is why it is important for me (as a woman) to be the one doing the proposing.
I want to jokingly reenact this retched advertisement that he hates . So I need to find a Roman-Spanish-Steps-esque outdoor staircase in the bay area. Ideally there needs to be space for our friends to hide (especially the friends with the video cameras) and there needs to be a reason I am taking him there!
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Response by poster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s0WtqnfWSc
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Union Square?
There's also outdoor stairs next to the Maritime Museum on Beach St, with a nice view of the bay & Alcatraz.
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City Hall?

(And in spirit of the linked ad you could also take core of the actual marriage right there. If you were so inclined.)
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There's the stairs up the hill on Pacific Heights on the street abutting the Presidio . . .
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Here's a guide with aesthetic ratings to the various outdoor stairways of San Francisco.
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Mosaic stairs in the sunset! http://sanfrancisco.about.com/od/photogalleries/ss/phototourgv_10.htm
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You absolutely must post follow-up video link to this mmk?
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Berkeley Rose Garden!
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Response by poster: thank you all sooooo much! I promise I will post the videos :)
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Response by poster: so the plan is going ahead in the Berkeley Rose Garden, either valentines day or Sunday the 15th. So be there to see it and be my crowd so I can hide my partner's parents and friends :)
We are filming the whole thing and putting it on you tube
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Best answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlNsJVLKCO8
Check it out folks
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