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Help me come up with an idea for our personal blog for Advent. Something to post each day leading up until Christmas.

So you know those Advent Calendars where you get a chocolate on each day of December until Christmas Eve? My girlfriend and I have a blog that we use to post about us living in a new city, new things that we've tried, and just about our lives in general. It's primarily aimed at friends and family who can use it to see what we've been up to. We'd like to do some sort of Advent "event" on the blog to count down until Christmas.

We'd like to post something each day, some sort of daily "personal accomplishment" or something. If possible, we'd like to link it to Christmas somehow. Any ideas? No idea too crazy!

Thanks very much for your help hivemind!
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1. One good deed or charitable thing you've done each day.
2. One thing your thankful about/love about your new city or one Christmas site/sight you'd seen that day (carry a digital camera and snap pictures of the local holiday decor.

On 1 it need not be some grand thing you do. You could make a point of stopping by the store each day and picking out an item or two to donate to your local food bank on Christmas. Give some thought to the item and write about why you chose it. Or maybe pick things out with a view to eventually having a stash of food that would be a basic pantry for the holiday season. If you did that, you could see about finding an individual family to whom to donate the whole stash instead of having it broken up at the food bank. Buying items each day instead of all at once would keep it on your mind in a way fitting the meditative aspects of advent.

It's not too crazy, but it would do some good for someone and give you something to feel good about.

Number 2 would just be fun and force you to look around and appreciate the beauty of the season in a way that you might not if you weren't deliberately keeping your eyes open for it.
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Google advent calendars and see what inspires you. It's harder to find blogs where someone posted something a day, but I've seen "cartoon a day" and "craft project a day" ones.

But really, penguin's got it.
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