Apple Keyboard + KVM switch
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Mating an Apple Keyboard to the right KVM switch?

I have tried a couple Belkin and IOGear KVM switches which do not seem to work well with the aluminum-flavored Apple Keyboard. Can someone recommend a KVM which works, without reservation?

(Please do not answer with links to Google or Apple Discussion Boards. Thanks.)
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I've used ATEN KVM switches for a long time now. I don't use an Apple keyboard, so can't answer on that specifically, but recommend them on just about every other front. Google may help with the specifics.
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Best answer: I use a belkin switch that works between one old mac mini running tiger and one new one running leopard with a new aluminium keyboard. it is the model switch2, will check and confirm the exact one, but it works fine.
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yup switch2 it is.
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Response by poster: Thanks for checking; I'll give the switch2 a shot.
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Response by poster: In the UK, Belkin calls this switch a switch2. In the US, they call it a flip DVI (or flip VGA depending on the video connector).

In either case, that model of switch has worked nicely. Thanks for the tip.
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