Why does this online game keep crashing my browsers?
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It's called Equilibria, and it's a simple java-based game that has one tiny drawback. After a few rounds, my browser crashes.

I've tried dropping down to "normal" instead of "challenge", I've tried both Safari 3.2.1 and Firefox 3.0.4. I'm on a Mac OS 10.5.5 with 3GB of RAM. As far as I can tell, there is no reason for this. I've only managed to get up to level 6 before my browser dies; my average is level 3.

Anyone have ideas or similar experiences they've solved?
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Well, the game may just be buggy and if so, there's not much you can do on your end.

But, do you have the latest version of Java on your machine? It couldn't hurt to upgrade.
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I don't think the game is buggy -- a few friends are playing it (that's how I found out about it) and the crashing isn't happening to them at all.

I'm pretty sure I'm up-to-date with Java, because it's set to auto-check for anything new I need to download.
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My idea would be to contact the developers.
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It did it for me as well.
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elisabethjw - it crashed for you too?
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If your browser has a Java Console (on firefox, in the Tools menu)
you can watch the uncaught exceptions and missing objects.
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I looked in the Tools menu for Firefox and I don't see a Java console....
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It crashed for me too. On a PC using Firefox 3.0.4. Too bad, it's a pretty fun game. Luckily it only crashed its own tab, not the entire browser.

I've been having trouble with some video drivers lately, so maybe that's part of the problem here. Could it be a similar situation on your Mac?
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I bet it has a memory leak. That kind of thing is really easy to do with languages like that if you're not careful.
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Kimothy - it crashes my whole browser, not just the tab. Bummer. I don't think it's the video driver on my end, but at least you get to keep your browser going!

Class Goat - huh. That might be it. Too bad sites like these don't often have decent (read: any) tech support.
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It can't hurt to check your java version. Try this:

start > run > type 'cmd' > OK
type 'java -version'

Result should look something like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\michael>java -version
java version "1.6.0_07"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_07-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 10.0-b23, mixed mode, sharing)
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Anecdotal at best, but I've been having problems with Java-based applications--usually resulting in crashing my browser--ever since I upgraded to Firefox 3. My assumption has been that FF and Java aren't playing nicely, but it happens infrequently enough that I haven't looked into it farther than that.
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Are you sure it's Java that's tripping you up? Also, are you using an Intel Mac? I ask this because I came across this odd little warning over in the MacGameStore online game section...

Intel Mac Users: Shockwave-based games will not run on your Intel Mac because Shockwave does not currently work on Intel-based Macs. However, you can still play games that require Shockwave. To do this, option click the Safari (or whatever browser you are using) icon and go to "Get Info". Select the checkbox that says "Open Using Rosetta". Quit the browser and run it again. Shockwave games will now work. Don't forget to uncheck it when you finish.

Now, I have no clue as to how accurate all that is, but it does, at least, suggest that Shockwave might be to blame.
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It crashed right on schedule in Firefox, but I am now completely addicted to it in Safari. Damn you, OP. I used to have a productive life.
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nursegracer - sorry about that! But hey, it works for you in Safari, so you're one up on me.

Thorzdad - nope, not an Intel Mac.

Mike1024 - as it says in the OP, I'm on a Mac. :)

elfgirl - interesting, but it also crashes Safari.
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