Help me merge avi files on a mac
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Simple stuff. I am looking for a mac based application that will allow me to merge avi files. I have a flip camera and would like combine a number of sessions I shot with it. I am looking for share or freeware
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VisualHub has a "stitch files together" option. It's not shareware or freeware, but the guy/company who wrote it went out of business, so you don't actually have the option of paying for it anymore and thus otherwise acquiring it is your best bet. Look for 1.33.
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Split & Concat will do it, if you follow its file naming convention.
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VisualHub is the best, but look for 1.34, not 1.33. I think a search for "rapidshare visualhub" may find what you're looking for.

If you don't want to lose video quality, and you have Quicktime Pro, you can combine .avi files within an .mov shell. It's also a hell of a lot faster than VisualHub to do it this way, since it's not converting. Simply open all files and copy/paste them together, one after the other. Then, save as a self-contained movie.
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I've had good success with AddMovie.
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Avidemux works pretty well if you just want to add clips one after another or cut out sections. I've found it's cut and paste is fairly non-functional though.
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The previous version of iMovie will do this. iMovie HD (version 6).
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VisualHub is (was?) a nice program. I didn't realize it was orphaned. I have used it for this, and have also done the copy-paste method in the QuickTime player app. Both work well.
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Oh yeah, one big failing of Avidemux is a lack of undo functionality. You only have the option to reset all edits, which is kinda lame.
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I will suggest a free French application: D-Vision from Objectif Mac I find it much easier to use, but YMMD.
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MPEG Streamclip can do this.
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