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Looking for a file/library management program with the following features : ability to look for duplicates by CRC comparison, search for text inside files (PDF,Djvu,doc, chm etc) extract and catalog metadata, display on which disk is the file located, even if it's offline. Yes I know about google desktop, but..

It's hardly customizable and doesn't have the CRC duplicate find I am looking for. Copernic desktop does seem to index only metadata, according to the description on its website. Swish-E doesn't seem to be userfriendly enough. Acrobat does have a multiple pdf text search feature, but doesn't cover other filetypes and converting all to pdf would be my last choice, as it screws up CRC checking as the incoming sources may have the same text, but different file format.

A combination of optimized programs would also do.
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Is CRC checking really necessary? I doubt that this is a reliable way to go if you end up having duplicates in multiple formats.

Google Desktop has a DjVu plugin, for what it's worth.
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