How to get rid of the line above the endnotes in microsoft word?
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In ms word, in endnotes, there's this little two-inch line in the upper-left corner to symbolize that you're in "footnote land," even on the second page of the endnotes and after. It's the same line that's at the bottom of the page before a footnote. Is there any way to remove this line? I have a mac, but I think the same issue comes up with PCs. I need to get rid of this line to fulfill the formatting requirements to post my dissertation, so any help would be much appreciated!
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Best answer: It's called an endnote/footnote separator.

Microsoft has this article in their knowledge base on how to format them. I don't have a copy of Word handy, but I know I have deleted them before, just like the document describes.
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Response by poster: Thank you! That worked perfectly. Now I can get my doctorate!
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