How might I set up creative workshops for community groups?
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How might I set up creative workshops for community groups?

I’m interested in setting up creative writing groups for marginalised members of my community at my local library on a volunteer basis.

However, despite that I believe I have the skills to run them based on my knowledge of storytelling, (corporate) creative facilitation, and work at a crisis hotline, I have no idea how to get the ball rolling.

As well as providing ongoing creative writing workshops with guest lecturers, I’d like to create a website to showcase/promote people’s work, secure corporate sponsorship for an anthology where all profits would go to services to help the community members, and set up spoken word performances/poetry slams at a local venue.

Do I approach my local library with a business proposal outlining how I intend to do this? Or would I be better off approaching my local council and individual community groups instead? How would I seek corporate sponsorship in terms of printing? And can you point me in the direction of similar projects for inspiration, as well as suitable document guidelines or templates?
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I suggest you call the good people at Art Enables. I sat on their board for a long time and they are a model program for serving the arts-talented mentally and developmentally disabled community. My very close friend Stefan is their Art Director. The Program Director is Joyce Muis-Lowery.
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