What are some funny "related searches"?
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I'm trying to come up with humorous examples of search engines making query suggestions. For example, Google might suggest "how to cook a baby" when you search for "baby". I've seen some posted around the internet before, but can't seem to find them now. Does anyone have such links/examples? They don't have to be currently working examples.
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If you searched for "failure", the first link used to be to whitehouse.gov. Is that what you are talking about or more like these?
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Response by poster: Ugh: Neither one exactly. I'm referring to the "Related searches" links on Google when you search. For example, the "failure" query actually suggests "h1b official website" in the "Searches related to: failure" section in the bottom. So I guess I'm just generally looking for things similar to that. The google suggest website has some good ideas though. Thanks!
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I love this one.

Search google for:
"two plus two equals fve" with no quotes.

It'll suggest:

"Did you mean: 'two plus two equals five'?"
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The old sidebar adverts on Google would routinely display whatever keywords you were searching on in the advert. So you could search on something like "Ebola outbreak" and the sidebar ad would go "Get Ebola cheap on Ebay now!" or something similar. They've since made them a little smarter but you can still sometimes get a doozy if you use a rare term that isn't in their blacklist dictionary.
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Best answer: Oh, there was also the Google search "Great French military victories" and Google would go "Did you mean great French military defeats?"
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Here and here. Search "google suggests."
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Oh, I do remember one of those. I don't know how PC it is but if you searched for morons it used to ask if you meant Mormons. Here's another.
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The French Military one was a joke. More here.
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if you type in short vague words into the Search toolbar in Firefox, Google provides other popular searches that begin with what you've entered.

for instance, "huge":

Huge balls
Huge rack
Huge spiders
Huge Hefner

Sort of an amusing game of word association. It's like a single-player Family Fortunes or something.
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Something like this? (For certain values of "humourous")
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Steve of thesneeze.com typed in "World's Fattest Twins" and got "Do you mean, "The world's hottest twins?" link
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In the same vein as so_necessary, type is and a space into the search bar and look at the recommended searches.
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There's an amusing one here about halfway down. (Link contains nsfw language.)
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This might be of interest to you.
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"how is baby formed"
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