Remove silk-screening from sunglasses?
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How can I remove silk-screened printing from one lens of my new polarized sunglasses without ruining them?

My wife, who is an an optician, bought me a decent pair of Ray Ban sunglasses as a present. I'm really happy with them -- they are the first pair of > $20 sunglasses that I've owned in my 37 years.

There is one thing about them that annoys me, though. On the upper corner of one of the lenses, there is a white, silk-screened "Ray Ban P" label. I think this looks pretentious and I want to get rid of it. Does the hive mind have any tried and true ideas for removing this without ruining my glasses? TIA.
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I did this in high school. Either a fingernail or hard plastic edge should do it. If not, carefully use a single-edge razor blade.
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I'm not sure if this is the same concept (someone will correct me, I'm sure), but I just removed the anti-reflective coating from my glasses using Armor Etch, which is hydrofluoric acid. The glasses have to be plastic - in my case, a hi-index polycarbonate. The general idea is that the acid only reacts to glass (silicates), and doesn't affect the plastic at all, so if you have some kind of coating on the lens, it "lifts" it and allows it to come right off. If you Google "a-r coating" and "Armor Etch" you'll get better explanations.
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Gah, by "glasses" I meant "lenses."
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I think you should have your optician send them in to whatever lab they use and they can do it safely.
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Have your wife take them to work with her. She can then take the label/markings off with the same liquid she uses to remove the markings left by the labs when they make multi-focal lenses.
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These dudes seem to think a penny will work, but I'd be careful.
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I've removed logos from plastic electronics by rubbing them with a sugarcube. I don't know if that would damage your glasses though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers. I've decided to just leave them the way that they are rather than risk damaging them.
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