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PseudoMilitaryFilter: Looking for a pdf of a range card, the kind you used to fill out while sitting in your trench, OP or whatever.

So far the best I've found is this one (pdf), it's great but I'd like one that takes a full 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, or something like this British one.

Why? My living room window has a view of a half dozen mountains in a national park, a copse of woods, dead ground, a railroad and other interesting features. I've spotted mountain sheep 2,800m away without even needing to resort to binoculars! I figured it would be a fun idea to map out a proper range card for when guests come over.
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This place is selling what looks to be the real deal, printed on weather-resistant paper, for under $10; you could buy a set and then photocopy it onto tan paper for your guests pretty easily. You probably only want the blank range card and maybe the symbol card, but the others might interest (or scare) your guests.

The actual range card blank is DA Form 5517-R, just FYI. It's described in FM 23-34 Appendix E.

This is the best version of it I could find.
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And here's a direct link to that image as a GIF, which appears to have more than enough resolution to print (it fits 2-up on a letter sheet).
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The best thing about a PDF is that it's a vector image. If you like that first range card, find somebody with Acrobat and slice it and dice it until you've got a single full-page card.
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Best answer: On a Mac (in Preview) you can take that "this one" pdf and drag a box around one of the range cards. Then do File > New From Clipboard. Then some advanced print options will let you print it out on a full sheet.
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Best answer: Sliced and diced.
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Better yet.
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The best, baby!
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