Has anyone ever heard of southtravel.com ?
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Has anyone had a good or bad experience with a UAE based travel agency known as SouthTravels.com?

They appear to be an agency similar to asiatravel.com, a Singaporean company with which I've had good experiences. I've been looking at their selection of hotels and guest houses in Pakistan, specifically Islamabad. Here's their Pakistan page and the page for Islamabad.

In the past when I have booked budget hotels in the UAE through asiatravel, the reception desk at the hotel has had a printout ready with my name and passport number when I check in. At one place it was in a folder with printouts from 3-4 other booking agencies. It looks like this is emailed or faxed to the hotel once per day. Is this sort of arrangement also common in Pakistan? Southtravel appears to be a legit organization, I'm not too paranoid about giving my VISA card number to them, but I'm looking for any good or bad experiences out there on the net before making a booking...
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