USB audio interface that lets me monitor what I'm recording with reverb but record it without?
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USB audio interface that lets me monitor what I'm recording with reverb but record it without?

I'm trying to find out if there's an USB audio interface that lets me use reverb while I'm listening to what I'm recording but record the track(s) 'dry'.
For example: from the info on and reviews of the Line 6 TonePort UX2 I understand that it is possible to record 'through' the supplied software fx (such as amp simulators and distortion) with so little latency that it's not bothersome.
If I'm using an amp sim or an effect like chorus I don't mind that this sound winds up on the recorded track, in fact I probably prefer it that way. However, I don't like deciding beforehand how much reverb I want on a track. Recording without hearing reverb can be lifeless and uninspiring (depending on the desired mood of the track, of course). On a hardware DAW this is not a problem, you just use a 'Send' effect instead of an 'Insert' effect. How do I do this with just an USB audio interface, a computer and the right software? I don't want to go back to the days of having to use a seperate mixing desk and fx unit as well!
Just to be complete: most of the time I will be recording vocals and guitar (acoustic or electric) simultaneously so two (preferably phantom powered) mic inputs plus a guitar input are essential.
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It's dependent on the drivers, basically. The example you mention - the Line 6 TonePort - uses the same drivers as my POD XT Live which has the option to send the processed signal through the USB interface, the unprocessed signal, or to reamp a received signal. Thusly, you can play whatever sounds you like but send the clean signal only to the DAW to record it.

That said, I've not seen such an option on many other drivers - my M-Audio Delta drivers don't allow it, for instance, and then I do use an external mixer and outboard effects on a secondary buss to monitoring while sending a clean signal to the DAW.
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Get an Mbox/pro tools LE rig, record your audio clean, route the effects sends to an Aux track with your reverb on it- hear the glorious reverberations from your monitors. Non destructive. If you have outboard effects or pedals you'd like to use definitely re-amp them and record to new tracks.
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