What's the deal about Richard III (Olivier version)?
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I just watched Olivier's version of Richard III twice and I still can't figure out why, during the Battle of Bosworth Field, while Richard and Richmond's forces are engaged in hand-to-hand combat, they suddenly stop fighting, let out a cheer, and embrace each other. I can't seem to google anything about it. What's the dilly-o?

Even the DVD commentary track didn't help.
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Best answer: Wikipedia - Richard could have charged then and slaughtered the disorganised Lancastrians but he missed his chance. When Henry Tudor finally got ready his men used cannon and arrows to damage Richard on his hilltop, forcing him to come down. When he did, he called for Lord Northumberland (one of his own commanders) to join in with fresh forces but Lord Northumberland refused. But it was the decision of Lord Stanley, waiting nearby, that changed British history forever. He had promised to fight for both Richard and Henry, and Richard trusted that he would join in on his side. But he joined Henry instead, and Richard thus lost the battle. He led a charge against Henry but was cut down, the second and last English King to be killed in battle

Is it perhaps to show that the soldiers that they had expected to fight were now allied?
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Response by poster: Ahh. I didn't realize they were Stanley's men. Thanks, milovoo.
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