Ethical gift giving?
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What are some good places to buy ethical gifts?

As much as I'd like to have a no-gift or charity only holiday this year, for much of my gift-giving list that isn't really an option. (I'm working on it.) I'd like to, then, buy gifts from places that I know will benefit the workers who make it beyond a paycheck.

I received a catalog from Serrv this year, and I've found some very promising stuff in there. I saw a link to Thistle Farms on the blue yesterday. I will also be buying stuff from the crafters at etsy. Where else can I look?
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You might try, in addition to Ten Thousand Villages:
Amnesty International
Global Exchange
Gifts with Humanity
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Heifer International
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Organic Coffee Cartel a project by photographer Clay Enos is a neat way to send wonderful coffee with the majority of the profits going to charity...

And, Clay is a fantastic photographer, his images appear on the cans.... it makes a wonderful gift!
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Trade As One.
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+1 on novica great site, excellent products and overalll pretty good prices

(also look on retailmenot for codes for novica for FS or anything)
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Fair Indigo, which for me is also a local company.
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The Body Shop is against animal testing, for community trade and human rights, etc.

I received a World Wildlife Fund catalog recently. They have a variety of "adopt an animal" programs at different price points, and you get a cute cuddly stuffed animal with your adoption.

Also, American Apparel is all Made in the USA, sweatshop-free. Their clothes also lend themselves very nicely to printing because they are such high quality. So you could get some shirts or sweatshirts from somewhere that uses AA blanks, like Neighborhoodies.
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The New Internationalist shop.
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Oh, American Apparel. Why do your skeezy clothes have to fit so well? But it's up in the air whether they're as ethical as their advertising makes them out to be. This company has Areas of Concern regarding Workers Rights and Business Ethics. Better than most but not great; the size of the divide between the two depending on how you feel about "slut" and "cunt" being regularly thrown in business settings, and how you feel about labor unions.
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This is slightly different, but some shops on Etsy might suit.
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River Kids
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