Will a LG Env2 handle my email load?
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Will my LG Env2 (LG VX 9100) be able to handle my e-mail needs?

I have come upon a situation where my job requires me to be accessible via email essentially 24/7. I have looked at Blackberry and other smart phone options but am pretty happy with my LG Env2 with Verizon Wireless.

I have looked into the mobile email and have been looking at the RemoSync application which promises to enable Microsoft Exchange email access on certain Verizon phones (mine included).

Does anyone have any experience (positive/negative) with using the Env2 with an Exchange server with RemoSync?
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I haven't used my Env2 for any of this stuff, but what I can tell you is that it's a great phone EXCEPT FOR THE KEYGUARD. All that has to happen for the phone to unlock is for the OK button to be pressed twice. Be prepared for the phone pocket dialing the person you called last. Get used to it shutting off in your pocket all the time. There's a security lock feature that requires you to type in the last 4 digits of your phone number to unlock it, but setting it involves going through several menus or having it locked on power-up. Even then, the phone can be shut off with the press of the OK button twice and the End button for a few seconds. I find that the phone is off almost every time I take it out of my pocket. If LG would fix this and release a patch, the Env2 would be my favorite phone ever, hands down. As it is now, it's a major annoyance.
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There are two email options for Exchange that I'm familiar with on the ENV series of phones. Wireless Sync and RemoSync. I personally use Wireless Sync but am planning on switching to Remo now that my company has finally authorized it. I don't believe either is a "push" technology (WS is definitely not) meaning you have to manually download your emails via a command or you can setup timed intervals (I believe max of once per hour). There is no alert or anything when you get a new email so if you need to be alerted this may not be the device for you. I'm not positive about Remo Sync in this regard.

I really can't stress the difference in function between a semi-smart phone like the ENV compared to a Blackberry. A Blackberry is as close as you can really get to having Exchange at your fingertips. The function in my experience is flawless.

Feel free to Mefimail me if you have specific function questions between the two that you can't find via Howard Forums or a quick Google search.
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I can tell you is that it's a great phone EXCEPT FOR THE KEYGUARD

The new enV2 software update (Version 6) corrects the keyguard "pocket dialing" issue. You can visit a Verizon store and have them update the software to V6 for you. Look under the "Phone Info" screen on the phone to find out what version of the software your enV2 is using -- likely V4 or earlier.
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