Relaunch Apple's Welcome schpiel?
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I just bought my Mom a new Mac. I'm going to install a bunch of stuff on it (Skype, set up her email, copy her pc stuff over, etc.). However, I really like the "You just turned on your Mac for the first time Welcome Screens." Anyway to set the Mac to do that again after I've done all my stuff so she gets to see it? She's coming from Windows and I think she'd get a kick out of it.
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I think you can just delete the "setup done" file, which is created after the Welcome thing runs.

rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

But test that first. :)
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Okay, I was curious so I checked. Removing that file sort of works, but it's not enough because you get a strange half-prepared version of the account. I found this longer version that someone actually tested here.

To setup a new machine, install updates, software, whatever -- just don't install or copy anything to your setup user that you want the new user to have. I just make a user called test, with no password to make it easier to do updates. When all updates/software installs are complete, then reboot to single user mode and start up with Apple-S, then type each line, with enter after each line:
/sbin/mount -uw /
cd /private/var/db/netinfo
mv local.nidb local.old
cd ..
rm .AppleSetupDone
cd /Users
rm -rf test
This process removes that temp install user, and the system reboots to the new user setup. Apple-Q will bring a shutdown window. Then next boot, for the new user, where the brand-new user setup screens follow... All updates, and etc are not affected. the temp install user is gone.

The clever part is creating a user just for installing and updating and then removing it later so that the actual user is indeed "fresh" and yet all the apps and updates are also there already.
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From a comment here, rokusan is essentially correct, but do it from single-user mode.
1. Boot into single-user mode (command-S during startup)
2. Once the command-line prompt appears, type the following:

mount -uw /
cd /private/var/db/netinfo
mv local.nidb local.old
rm ../.AppleSetupDone
If you type "exit" after that, it'll continue to boot & you'll et the setup assistant again, so instead type:

shutdown -h now

that way, upon the next reboot, it'll run the welcome business, and let her configure her account.
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Ouch, too slow!
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DON'T do it. She'll end up creating a new account for herself.

DO set up your own account as an admin with your own password. This is for troubleshooting later on down the road if necessary.
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Response by poster: Wow. This seems creepily complicated. :(

Thanks for the answers, though!
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In "Go to folder" under the "Go" menu in the Finder, enter this:


You'll find the movie and the sound file in there. Two separate files. From there you can put them back together if you want. . . . maybe using iMovie.

Credit: MacRumors Forum
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Manhasset: From a unix/linux nerd point of view, it's really simple, not creepily complicated. I wouldn't hesitate to follow these directions, they're very very simple.

Do you have an Apple retail store nearby? If so, you might consider also getting your mom a "One to One" membership/subscription so that she can get tutored in different aspects of her new computer if she has problems. It might just be my family, but my mom and I weren't patient enough with each other as she was learning her Mac a couple of years ago, and having some available training for her (that she could then have referenced on Apple's website in case she needed a refresher) would've been great.
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Response by poster: I ordered the machine Thurs night and it shipped yesterday so should arrive Monday. I will look into Veggieboy's suggestion as it seems within the realm of possibility.

I'll report back on how it goes.

SpecialK, I'm in Toronto and there are mac stores but my Mom is elsewhere where there isn't. Otherwise, yes, she'd be the perfect candidate for those classes.
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