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What happened to my ham?

I cooked a 9.7 pound ham yesterday, following this recipe. The ham came out very, very dry. It was white and not pink. It didn't slice like ham, it was more like pulled pork. I am quite sure this ham was not pre-cooked.

It was tasty enough, and people ate plenty of it, but I just wonder why it wasn't very ham-like.
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Sounds overcooked. You oven temperature may be off.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 1:28 PM on November 28, 2008

Best answer: Did you actually use a ham? Are you sure you didn't have a "fresh ham"--ie, uncured pork leg?
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The same thing happened to a friend of ours-- it was most likely a "fresh ham", as neroli mentioned.
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Yeah, sounds like you started with an uncured, fresh leg o' pork.

The pink hamminess of ham isn't from cooking: It's from curing and salting. The USDA has a fact sheet that lays all this out.

In general, recipes from cooks.com range from hit-and-miss to absolutely absurd. This particular one needed to be more specific; the recipe assumed that you would be starting with a cured ham, but the recipe should have told you that.
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Response by poster: Good call people. That was surely it. Lesson learned. Thanks.
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