35 Second Love Story in Arabic
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A short film I'm making has a sequence where a woman speaks on a telephone in Arabic. This segment has English subtitles; however, I'd also like to put an Arabic subtitle on the segment title screen. The segment is called "35 Second Love Story", which Google translates as الثانية وخمسة وثلاثين قصة ح Can someone who reads Arabic take a look at this and tell me how close it is to what I actually want it to say? Thank you!
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The last word is just the letter "h"; you're missing the word for "love": حب (which might need an additional diacritical to mark that the 'b' is doubled).
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Best answer: "Second" as in 60 seconds, right?

If yes, then:

قصة حب 35 ثانية

or if you don't want it to contain digits:

قصة حب خمس و ثلاثين ثانية

(the phrase is kinda confusing to me though, and I am sure I'd provide a better translation if you would explain it further :)
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