I want to study political science in an english speaking country. Help?
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I don´t have a brilliant academic career or anything. I live in Brazil, I just turned 24, and just recently majored in communication/journalism. For the past few years my main interest has been political philosophy and political science. I would like to study abroad, preferably in the United States or United Kingdom.

I have worked since I was 17, running a small publishing house with my father. It is great, but it took me some time to get my degree. I read a lot, so I believe I can hold my own on an area that is different from what I studied in college.

I don´t want to be a scholar, I just want to speak english for a whole year and study something I love.

One year would be great; what are my options? How would I choose an university? Are good universities hard to get in for post graduation? I don´t even have a diploma in philosophy or political science, so I am not sure if I would even get in. Help?
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You can do M.A. programs just about anywhere, which will be a year to two years. Depending on where you go, this may run you $12,000 - $35,000, without fellowship (not including housing costs). Which shouldn't deter you, but is something to think about -- especially if you're not studying something that's going to be directly applicable to work. Ph.D. programs tend to be fully or partially funded, but that's if you actually want to pursue a career.

Where you go depends on a whole slew of factors -- what's most important to you in your program? Location? Academic program? Cost? There are lots of great universities, but it's hard to figure out exactly what you're looking for without narrowing it down a bit. You don't need a diploma in poly sci, especially if you're doing a master's program -- but again, these can get really expensive really quickly.
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Australia has some fantastic universities with strong political science programs. It's also likely to be cheaper to come here, based on our weak dollar and that our unis are generally cheaper than in the US.
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Best answer: I teach Finance part time at two Universities in London, and we've got no shortage of foreign students, Brazilians included (although they're always a little shocked at our weather).

But if you're uncertain about what field of study you'd like to purse, I'd suggest that you actually study English for a year.

Some good things shake out of that decision: first of all, you're speaking English 24x7 (time spent with any Brazilian countrymen aside). Secondly, the time spent studying English may help you discover precisely what you'd like to study in depth.

If you've got limited resources (like most people) then I'd advise about pursuing just any Masters program solely to get the opportunity to speak English.

Go someplace (Oz, UK, even the US, doesn't matter) and study English. Then discover what you'd like to study as your real degree.

Don't hesitate to email if I can be of any more help.
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I'm finishing my M.Ed at Hong Kong University. I love it. I'm living on the China side of the border and commute in for classes. I was doing a 2 year part-time program, full-time is one year. It's about $10000 US total. It's great because the core of Hong Kong is English-speaking, but your dead in the middle of Asia. Flights to Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam are regularly under $100. "Real" China is an hour away.
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But if you're uncertain about what field of study you'd like to purse, I'd suggest that you actually study English for a year.

Along the same lines, I've met some guys over here (London) teaching Portugese for a year and studying English.
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