Lollipop puppet music video?
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Help me find this music video from the mid- to late-nineties. Possible data points: I believe I only saw it once, on MTV's 120 Minutes. There were Muppet-style puppets in bright colors but with a slightly out-of-date film stock, as though the video was a Sesame Street spoof. The song lyrics included the word "Lollipop". I think one scene involved refrigerator-magnet plastic letters forming a word. I believe the band was British. That's all I got, man. Half of this may be hallucinated, for I know. Can you help?
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This is a stab in the dark, and I don't think it's right, but you did say you might have hallucinated half of it, so I'm throwing this out there. I'm just hoping the half you hallicinated is the lollipop and the Sesame Street spoof.

Supergrass's video for Pumping on your Stereo features the band with muppet like bodies.
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keep fishin'?
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Here's an amateur version.
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I just thought of Supergrass as well. If you feel like digging, this 120 Minutes blog posts (or posted) videos from that show.
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Hmmm... What comes to mind is the Canadian band BTK's Peppyrock. No lollipop and I don't thing magnets, although there are similar images. The Sesame Street spoof is right on though.
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I think I know this! I'm almost certain that it's Starlight Mints' Popsickle, only because I went through a similar half-remembering process, except that mine involved MTV2. For me at least, "popsicle" and "lollipop" were semantically close enough that I was confusing the two.
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