Lawn mower 101
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Lawn mower 101. We're renting a new place. It has a large garden, with a petrol/gas-powered push lawn mower to keep it tidy. The mower has two orifices, one for petrol/gas, the other for oil; what goes in each?

My first guess would be low-octane petrol/gas, and motor oil (30W or 40W); but I don't know, and I can't find anything via google. The mower is a Sears/Craftsman Eager-1, if that helps.
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You got it. Regular gas. 30 weight (not 10W-30, but single weight) motor oil will do it.
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Uhm, unleaded gas and 10W30 oil. You list a zip code yet you apparently aren't a real 'merican. I'm callin' the cops. Like the cops, you might wanna pump the primer a couple times before pullin' the ripcord.
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This is really gonna BLOW YOUR MIND...
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Busted! My plan would have succeeded, if it wasn't for you meddlin' kids ...

Actually, I was confused because I vaguely remember some lawn mowers having two stroke engines, where you mixed petrol and two-stroke oil; but I guess this is a normal four-stroke.
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