Graphic relationship database
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I'm looking to create a dynamic graphical relationship infomap where different thought/idea "bubbles" connect to others via color or lines. Any software reccos?
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Are you thinking of mindmaps? I use (free) Freemind and (pay) Mindjet Mindmanager. See also, List of mind mapping software for other options.
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I have to use Concept Map Tools for some of my classes. This sounds like it may be close to what you want, assuming you're okay with all edges needing labels.
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seconding cmaptools
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Depending on how dynamic, you may want Graphviz.
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Seconding Freemind, it's pretty good.
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nthing Freemind for interactively building mind maps, and Graphviz if you need to do it programmatically (e.g. from Excel Data, Textfiles, anything).
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Try Xmind -- it is newly free (now open source) and very flexible.
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