Name that tea, U2 edition.
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What kind of green tea is U2 bassist Adam Clayton making in this video? I know a bit about loose-leaf tea, but I've never seen any sort of green tea leaves that look so gloopy and produce tea that is so bright green in color. Any ideas?
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From what I see in that video, my guess is that it's just your everyday loose-leaf green tea, except he's just using a lot of it (too much, because he dilutes it with hot water), and maybe for a second cup after some time has passed after the first, which explains the greenish brownish color of the leaves.
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It looks like sencha that's been brewed too strongly. Though, the way he's making it is kind of strange.
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The final product looks kind of like it was made with matcha, but the process is wrong.
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+1 for matcha.
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Not matcha — it's a fine powder so you don't strain it.
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Yerba Mate?
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There are many, many kinds of green tea, so it's really impossible to guess exactly what it is. Gyokuro is shade grown tea, and is often very dark green. Tencha is the leaf matcha is made from, and can also be dark green.It's obviously not whole leaf or twig tea, and it is probably a Japanese steam processed tea. Steaming arrests oxidation, and so the teas are generally greener than other types of green tea.

Though it might be an herbal tea as well. Not many people drink alfalfa tea, but it looks a lot like this stuff.
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I consulted with a renowned U2 expert and there is no FAQ or definitive answer, but her thoght is that it was some type of green tea.
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Huh. Looks like it could be nettle tea to me.
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