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nameFilter: new blog of holiday gift recommendations/guides needs a name/domain. I cannot turn a phrase, Help!

So, I'm making a list of lists of sorts, gathering links to all of those 2008 holiday gift guides from sites like engadget, tuaw, etsy, and others. It's all ready to go, but I have little creativity when it comes to thinking up names and could use some help. Preferably something I could get a domain for. Much Thanks!
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Giftcracker (com is gone but net, info and org available)
giftopedia (com is gone but net, info and org available)
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Ideas - no idea about domains:
- "Rip the Paper" or "Tear the Paper"
- goodthisyear (like "I've been good this year" and "good stuff this year")
- CheckingMyList
- NaughtyOrNice, naughtyornice2008, etc. (might be a popular domain though)
- "This or Coal" or "Better than Coal" or something like that

Hey - send me a MeMail when it's up!
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