New Year's Eve
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What do you recommend I do for New Year's Eve in San Fran ?

So it looks like work will take me to San Fran for NYE this year. I'll be staying near Union Square and arriving at my hotel around 11pm. What should I do or where should I go if I want to have a memorable night that doesn't require taking a cab that costs more than 20 bucks and will have a good vibe ?
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There's so many things to do in San Fran, it'd be nearly impossible to touch down on every neat thing. I haven't lived there in 3 years, so I really couldn't tell you what's going on there right now, but if it's your first time going there, I'd say you should tuck your cab money away, and check out:

1. Alcatraz, whether it be from afar or an actual visit to the island. They have a great walk-through you can do alone, with just a pair of headphones detailing all the history of the prison along with creepy noises of cell doors closing and the quiet whisper of prisoners. You can check out the Pier while your there.

2. Haight and Ashbury, the most important street to hippies EVER EVER EVER. You can feel the history as you walk down the street. Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and many more talented musicians used to call that particular street home.

3. The Power Exchange. No wait... don't do that. Totally, totally kidding on that one.
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Go there and dance the night off to some great music.

PS: Wear a costume if you go.
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Your question is probably a little too vague, as there will be tons of things going on. "Good vibe" also means many different things to many people. Try browsing upcoming, sfweekly, or the Squid List as the date gets closer. Here's sfstation's list as well. As far as finding a cab on NYE: difficult.

Sea of Dreams will be huge, and there will be lots of good eye candy. There will be a wide variety of people there, of all ages, and they will be dressed up. Lots of Burningman types here. It will go late. If that seems like a good vibe to you, I agree that this is your best bet. Personally, I'd consider going to the Japanese Bell Ringing at the Asian Art Museum in the morning, and then maybe Count Basie Orchestra at Yoshi's, just to be different. (But then I had my fill of Sea of Dreams type parties long ago. That doesn't mean it's not a fun example of it's type, and a very, very San Francisco experience.)

If you want to just bar hop, head to the Castro or the Mission; avoid North Beach and Union Street, which will be filled with barfing bridge and tunnel types. My friends own Amnesia, and though I've never been, their NYE is supposed to be fun. Also very SF in the nerdy, ukelele- sea chanty sort of vein. People here will also be dressed up in eclectic ways. More pork pie hat vintage than day glo feather boa.
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