Good spot for a blind date in SF near BART?
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Good spot for a blind date in SF near BART?

I have a semi-blind date on Saturday in SF. The idea is to meet for an afternoon cup of coffee. Here's what I'm hoping to find:
1. near BART.
2. not too hipster, a little hipster is okay, but a little on the quiet side.
3. decent coffee, food isn't so important.
4. not too crowded.
5. am I missing anything?
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If you want no hipsters, try the Glen Park BART station. There are several low-key coffee shops around there, including a remnant from hippie days called Higher Grounds (on Chenery & Diamond) and Cafe Bello, pretty much right across the street from BART (next to the CitiBank).

Of course, if you don't mind hipsters, you'd want to hit Valencia street, between 16th & 17th, near the 16 & Mission BART.
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Blue Bottle cafe is probably a little high on the hipster scale - but it is very near the Powell Street BART station. They have *excellent* coffee. I've only ever been on a weekday morning and while busy - I've always been able to find a seat or two.
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Philz on 24th Street & Folsom, a short walk from the 24th St BART. Bonus - best coffee in the city.
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Yeah, I've been dying to try the coffee at Blue Bottle at Mint Plaza. A little close to soma, so yupsters abound.

You could try some places up in the 'loin from Civic Center too. There's a ton of places on Geary that tend to be filled with foriengers rather than obnoxious people.

If you're willing, though, probably the best coffee I've ever had ever ever is Cole Coffee, whic is off the Rockridge Bart station in East bay. It's about a 10 minute walk north on College Avenue, full of random people from the neighborhood (ie, no one type of person), and is amazing. Make sure you get a french press pot!
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Four Barrel Coffee is at the corner of Valencia and 15th. There might be hipsters, but there is definitely no WiFi.

The guy that started it was one of the original Ritual partners. Coffee is good. Space is cool.
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Ti Couz on 16th and Valencia. Depending on the chemistry and turn-off factor, you can stay for a coffee, drinks, or a full-blown meal.
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Nice weather option: Check out the Blue Bottle Coffee "kiosk" in Hayes Valley - it's basically a garage that opens onto the sidewalk on a side street. Walk half a block to the little park there and sit and chat or play on the playground if you're so inclined. If the date goes well, continue on to Frijtz and sit in the back garden for Belgian beer and crepes.
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