RSS News with cache for iPhone?
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RSS News with cache for iPhone?

I had a program on my PocketPC that was an RSS reader that did one really cool thing:

It went to the linked page in the RSS feed and saved a local copy of it for offline reading and it saved a local copy of any attachments.

Is there something like this for the iPod touch or iPhone?
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Pro RSS Reader is the paid version of Free RSS Reader. It includes all Free RSS Reader features, and some exclusive ones :

- full feed item caching, including images.
- OPML file import over the air.

Costs $1.99 but seems to do what you want it to do.
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Byline does this, and also syncs with Google Reader, so you can check yr feeds from desktop as well. V. nice.

(You can't save local copies of attachments though, as iPhone has basically no user-level filesystem)
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Response by poster: Hmm Pro reader almost does what i need. It won't cache a linked page like the pocket PC one does. Byline seems more like the one i want.
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Response by poster: on second inspection, they're both about the same thing.

Byline seems stuck to google reader and the other one has a free version to try. I'll have to try them both out.
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Hang on, let me assemble my notes -

paid -
* Gazette
* the aforementioned byline

free &/or jailbroken
Using Google Reader -
* feeds - I use this.
* gris - I think this fetches media for you.

Not using Google Reader -
* smartrss
* mobile-rss
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Oh, & I like the Google Reader ones because they catch a continuous feed, even on high-traffic feeds.

Feeds caveats: Development has ceased, it doesn't care about orientation (it's always in portrait), & it's stopped fetching beyond the latest 20 entries.
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