what fabric is best to use in a screen printing frame?
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diy screen printers: what kind of fabric does one use in the frame? i need my image to be supercrisp, but have only ever used speedball fabric that came with frames, so am clueless.
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When I used to print teeshirts I used a photosensitive film and "burned" the image onto the screen using a "positive" (opposite of a negative) and a light table--is that what you're doing, or are you painting your image by hand onto the fabric? Anyway if I wanted extremely sharp resolution I used a monofilament fabric with a very high thread count (it was a long time ago, my memory is blurry, but I want to say 200 threads/inch). I ordered it in bulk from the local screenprinting supply company, I doubt you'd find it at an art supply store--
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Response by poster: oh yeah, i should have said -- i am using the photo emulsion method. thanks so much, restless.

i'm in toronto, so if anyone knows of any good screenprinting supply places, that info would be totally helpful too.
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Response by poster: oh, answered my own question
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speedball also distributes the fabric without the frame, which any reasonable art supply store should be able to order for you, if they don't already carry it. a 52" x 5yd roll lists for US$145.29, and a pack of 6 sheets of 10 x 14" fabric lists for US$30.89. a screen printing supply place will likely have even more selection, of course.
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Best answer: Depending on the need. Small-medium scale screen printing shops can be amazingly helpful to a hobbyist and will have the stuff around in droves. They may charge you, they may charge you more than your local art supply place, but they may be a better option than ordering.
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Please pretend my previous post was properly punctuated.
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Last time I made some screens, I just went to a fabric shop and got some thing that was probably intended for drapery sheers, put it in the screen and went to town. I think I spent like $5 a yard.

Not promising that it's as crisp as you need, but it seemed to be able to take as much detail as photo emulsion would give.
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