Free app to create Flash slideshow - is it possible?
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How can I create an extremely simple flash slideshow of still photographs that I can embed on my web site ... for free?

I'd like to have a looping slideshow of still images that dissolve into each other on my home page. I don't want there to be any navigation buttons over the image, no thumbnails, etc. I've tried Slideshowzilla but I'd rather not drop $50 for a robust app when i just need one single simple bit of it. I know nothing about Flash and next to nothing about HTML. Are there any free/open source apps out there that fit this bill?
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Apple's Quicktime. Or if you can get ahold of a Mac you can do this in iPhoto
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This doesn't meet all your requests but I like AutoViewer.
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Couldn't you do this with Flickr?
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30 day trial versions of Flash can be downloaded for free if you feel up to learning a bit of software - it's pretty easy once you get going.
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Picasa from Google will do it, for free.
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Response by poster: strangeleftydoublethink: I thought one could, but from what I've tried it also shows nav buttons in the image window.

COD: Really? Been a while since I've used Picasa but will give it a shot - thanks.

Thanks to the rest - will check out your suggestions.
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Another Mac answer would be Keynote, which exports to Flash.
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Isn't there a way to do it in Photoshop? I have CS3 and you can do File>Automate>Web Gallery and then go from there. Not sure if you can do it without navigation buttons and such but you can change colors around in most templates so maybe you could make it invisible?
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nomad73, I'm a Flash developer and I could create this for you in about half an hour. If you don't find a solution, let me know. I could do it after Thanksgiving -- sometime over the weekend.
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Online tools:

If you're a Windows user, MovieMaker is free for WindowsXP (not sure about Vista).
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Best answer: No need for flash. I use this javascript on the front page of my website (self-link to show usage example). I think it does exactly what you want (with the extra options to randomize the order, or not, and link any picture to anywhere and control how long each picture is shown and change the fade color). The one problem is that, with sufficiently large pictures, the first time they're shown they might not load all the way.
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Best answer: $20 ain't free, but I use Monslideshow. Very customizable.
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Ahemahemahem: Monoslideshow.
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Response by poster: msbrauer
Thanks - I actually got this to work, I think. Am still tinkering with it, but i think this will fit the bill - thank you so much.

Monoslideshow looked great too, but since i need it for such a simple purpose, i'm glad i saved the 20 bucks.

thank you all so much - i really appreciate it.
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Response by poster: oh - and grumblebee - thank you so much for your kind offer. I think I've got what I need though. Thanks again - much appreciated.
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