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Can someone direct me to a good tattoo shop in Las Vegas?

I'll be leaving for Vegas in about 4 hours (!) and decided that a good souvenir would be a tattoo. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of GOOD tattoo artists in Las Vegas. Location (on-strip, off-strip, etc) is not important. I'm mainly into traditional tattoos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll probably be checking the answers on my phone, so I may not have the ability to respond until I get there later this evening. Thanks in advance!
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My wife, her sister and her best friend all got tattoos last month at Pair A Dice, which is just a little bit off The Strip.

All 3 ladies agreed that the place was good - The staff were friendly and talented, the facility was clean and bright, and the prices were average. All 3 tattoos came out looking great and they all healed up normally.

You can easily find a few reviews online that refer to the staff as distant, stupid or out-right rude, but this was not the experience my wife & friends had at all.
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