furniture thrift in Durham, NC
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What are the best places to buy interesting and inexpensive used furniture in Durham, NC? Things like dressers, tables, upholstered chairs.
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Drive down to Raleigh and hit up Father and Sons (
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- place downtown Durham called Southern Portico with cool stuff
- there's a place right next to Caffe Driade with vintage furniture - sometimes more expensive but great accessories
- Father and Sons
- the goodwill and other thrift stores here have some surprisingly good stuff - especially if you're willing to do a little bit of work (sanding or repairing knobs)
- craigslist - search for mid-century or modern or vintage and there is actually not that much competition down here
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- Everything but... Grannie's Panties - that whole strip of road has several thrift furniture places. Check both sides of Guess in that one block
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I've never been there, but people I know have found interesting things at the Habitat store.
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Also check out Surplus Sid's in Carrboro. Most everything in there is some crap, but I have gotten some good deals from there, and if there's something you really want, and you chat up Sid a bit, he might build it for you. If there's nothing you want the first time you go, go again the next month and there'll be entirely different stuff.
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