How does the Chinese media deal with climate change (esp. during the Olympics)?
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How does the Chinese media handle climate change, and what (if any) difference did the Beijing Olympics have in this?

I only really followed the Chinese media in the time window surrounding the Beijing Olympics - I'm trying to get a sense for how climate change is discussed in the Chinese media (what is to be emphasized, what is to be ignored or downplayed), and how the Olympics impacted these discussions.

I've noticed a lot of contrasting opinions - a stream of climate change skeptic editorials, we must act now to stop climate change, features on industries who are trying to cut emissions - a contrast that I think goes against Western perception of a homogeneous Chinese media. What are the main pressures on discussion of climate change in the press?
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I've done some translations for Caijing magazine which covered flash-flooding in Chongqing; the sidebar pieces were about how climate change was one of the key causes of recent environmental calamities in China (although in that case also linked to corrupt development on inappropriate slopes). I can't claim to have particularly monitored the issue, but my general sense as a reader of the mainland press is that the science of climate change is rarely disputed though you do get resentment and sometimes somewhat nationalistic defensiveness over the finger being pointed at China as a chief culprit when the manufacturing here serves a globalised economy.
Greenpeace are back in Beijing now (they got chucked out a few years back but have returned more low-key) and I know climate change is one of the main issues they campaign about; perhaps if there's not a press package on that site you could contact them as they're bound to have someone monitoring the media.
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