Tool for automatic email header extraction for Outlook?
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Is there an easier way to select a group of emails in Outlook and extract their header information to a file or to the clipboard - together, all at once? An Outlook plugin perhaps? Outlook's method sucks because you can only get one header at a time via right-click and view options. I've got a load of spam that I need to send to my host for investigation.
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This tool seems to do that. (Haven't used it.)

Found via google search: export mailbox outlook header information
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You may want to have a look at this prior question.

Once you've got the emails exported, you could then attach them as a message to your host.

May I also suggest, in the future, registering for a free account at Spamcop? Dropping full header and email information in their form gives you a complete parsing report and to whom you need to send the complaints -- it'll even do the sending for you. Once you've done a few the manual way, you can then just forward full emails to the quick report email address that they supply you when you register. Easy peasy.
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Do you have Microsoft Access? I was surprised to find out you can import Outlook messages into Access.

I won't guarantee that you will get the header info, but I did get a bunch of seemingly useless info when I did it.
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