West Conshohocken to NYC by train?
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West Conshohocken to NYC by train?

I need to get from West Conshohocken to NYC by train on a Monday around lunchtime. Do I head back into the center of Philidelphia or is there a better way? I am just over the bridge from Conshohocken station. Plus, how do I get to West Conshohocken from the international Airport - do I cab or is there an easy alternative? I have never been to Philidelphia.
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From the airport, you can take the R1 train to 30th St. station, and then change to the the R6 or 100 route out to West Conshohocken, depending on exactly where you want to go. Trains leave at regular intervals all day. Use googlemaps to figure out exactly which station is closest to your final destination.

On Monday, take that train back to 30th St., where you can hop Amtrak to Penn Station in NYC. The latter takes about an hour, and there are two or three trains leaving every hour. Hit Amtrak to make a reservation from PHL to NYP.
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If you're on a budget and have the extra time you can hop the R6 to 30th Street, change over to the R7 to Trenton, change over to NJTransit to NYC in Trenton and that will leave you in Penn Station. With the all the different connections this will add quite a bit of time to your trip.
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Valkyryn and The Straightener have it:

For Conshy to the airport, take the R6 to 30th Street Station and then hop on the R1 to the airport.

For Conshy to NYC, you have two options. One, take the R6 to 30th Street Station and take Amtrak up to Penn Station. This will be quicker, but more expensive. Or, your second option is to take the R6 to 30th Street Station, get on the R7 to Trenton, and then take NJ Rail to Penn Station. The NJ Rail will be cheaper (plus they have a few express trains which have limited stops). I guess it all depends on how much time you are willing to spend making connections versus how much you are willing to pay in fares.

The third option is what I use on occasion (I also live in West Conshy). I'll drive from Conshy to the Trenton station and directly get on the NJ Transit, bypassing the whole Septa network. This may or may not be an option depending on whether or not you have access to a car.

Septa has a good map on their website for reference.
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Thanks all. That has saved me so much time
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Everyone here is spot on.

Another option for getting to Trenton (with the purpose of eventually getting to Penn Station) is going over the Ben Franklin Bridge to the Aqarium on the Camden waterfront (near the Battleship NJ) and picking up the NJ Transit light rail, which travels from Camden to Trenton. A one-way ticket from Camden to Trenton on this system is a relative bargain at $1.35.

Here is a map of the Camden to Trenton light rail.
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I suppose you already have all the connections you need on this trip, but depending where you want to end up in NYC you can also switch to the PATH train in Newark's Penn Station (the PATH train is literally right across the platform from the NYC-bound NJTransit train so the connection is simple). PATH trains get you to the World Trade Center or to Christopher Street in the West Village, or Sixth Avenue and 9th, 14th, 23rd, or 33rd Street. Map here.
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