ActiveSync alternatives for Exchange?
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Are there any ActiveSync alternatives for Windows mobile? I need to link to my works Exchange server

So I guess at work people who don't have Window's mobile phones but have some sort of program to interact with exchange servers can get their email but I can't. Apparently you have to buy licenses for the server to work with ActiveSync?

Either way, I am apparently allowed to use my Sprint HTC Mogul with Windows 6.1 to access the exchange server but it won't work with ActiveSync.

Are there any alternatives?
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Last time I checked, which was last year, no. That said, something may have come out in the last year that I'm not aware of.

I feel your pain. My experiences with ActiveSync is the main reason I'll never touch a Windows Mobile powered device again.
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Presumably your co-workers are using BlackBerry? If so, you should look into BlackBerry Connect. I've no idea if it'll work on the Mogul, but it's worth a shot.
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If your work runs an Exchange server, they have everything they need to service Windows Mobile phones. Activesync on your phone -- which is built in and can't be swapped for an alternative -- makes an over-the-air connection to the Exchange server to get mail, calendar entries, and contacts information. There's nothing to buy. The company may not have Exchange 2003 SP2, which contains the latest stuff for ActiveSync and Windows Mobile phones, but all that is a free download from Microsoft.

There are many reasons why it may not work, however. Your company will need to allow at least port 443 access through the firewall to the Exchange server. It's also best practice (though not required) to purchase a real SSL certificate and place it on the Exchange server.

Now, if your co-workers are getting over-the-air mail there could be many reasons why they can. If they are using Windows Mobile devices, the device can grab mail via POP or IMAP, presuming they can access the Exchange server via either of those two services. Another possibility is there is each person may have a forwarding email address in their Exchange settings that forward all mail to an outside email address. Another possibility is that the company is running Blackberry Enterprise Server. This is something like an ActiveSync service, but it's for Blackberry devices only.

Ultimately you don't have quite enough information here to point at the exact reason why you can't get mail on your Mogul. I can tell you that there are many options and none of them (presuming the place is running at least Exchange 2003) require money.

Hope this helps!

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TCV is right, Activesync is installed with Exchange 2003 sp2 and enabled for all users by default, there is no additional licensing required, but it does require some setup on the back end. If you have webaccess ability (usually ) then it is really likely activesync is running. You may need know which mail server specifically is used for the webaccess/oma/activesync server.

Please note that the IT department will be able to see if you do this successfully, and will also have the ability to disconnect and even remotely wipe your device should they so desire. Connect and back up accordingly. Email me if you have any questions.
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