Instrumental Song from The Boondocks
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In the animated series "The Boondocks" there is a song I can't find. (Spoilers possibly)

In Season 2 Episode 3 of "The Boondocks" there's an instrumental song at the end when Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy take off with Riley's bike and he's angry about it. Its right before the credits and the usual credit's song ends. I heard 9th wonder does a lot for the show, but I really cant find the song or who does it anywhere.
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Gotta love "Thank You for Not Snitching". I think that beat is a 9th Wonder original. The official Boondocks boards have a list of everything they've tracked down from season 2 so far. There's also an official 2 volume mixtape. No guarantee that cut's on it, tho.
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Have you checked Hip-Hop Docktrine 2 (the boondocks mixtape)? Currently, there's three of them (one for season 1, two for season 2), and they're free to download:
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