Value of Winning the Super Bowl
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Are there any estimates that exist of the value to a football team (not the host city) of winning the Super Bowl?

I am specifically looking for a rough dollar estimate, such as winning the Super Bowl was worth $50 million dollars to the Giants (or something along those lines)
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The opening shot: "postseason appearances are not associated with any change in the level of real per capita income in these cities. However, in the city that is home to the winning team from the Super Bowl, real per capita personal income is found to be higher by about $140"

A rebuttal: "Previous research has indicated a surprising statistically significant positive effect on the local economy in the city that wins the Super Bowl. An analysis of per capita personal income growth in victorious Super Bowl cities from 1970-2001 cannot further confirm these results. Although winning the Super Bowl is associated with an increase in income of $50 to $60 per capita, these results are less than half those found in previous studies and are not statistically significant at the 5% level."
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Nevermind what I said, since I misread it. But there are studies to the effect you are asking about, though the redistribution rules specific to the NFL will mitigate it a lot.
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Best answer: This paper writen by sports economists Brad Humphreys and Michael Mondello suggests the value of winning a championship is zero. See page 12

As their paper shows its hard to estimate the impact on franchise value, since so few franchises are sold and all financial records are not public.

Humphreys is well known in the Sports Economics field, so I would trust this work. You might want to contact him by e-mail to see if he has other work, his contact info is on the first page of the article.
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2007 season ticket price increases
2008 season ticket price increases

My reading of that is that they did not jack the ticket prices.
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Response by poster: I can see that the value of the team doesn't increase much from winning the super bowl, but I cannot believe that the team that wins the Super Bowl does not get additional revenue from increased interest in the team (from extra ticket sales, extra merchandise sales, etc.).
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