House of Reps diagram, please
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Wikipedia has a wicked diagram of where everyone sits in the House of Commons. Does anyone know of a similar diagram for the US House of Representatives?
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There isn't one.

According to the House Clerk's office FAQ:

The practice of assigned seating for members was abolished during the 63rd Congress in 1913. Now, Members may sit wherever they please. Generally, Democrats occupy the east side of the Chamber on the Speaker's right, while Republicans sit across the main aisle on the Speaker's left. The tables on either side of the aisle are reserved for committee leaders during debate on a bill reported from their committee and for party leaders.
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might be somewhat useful: charts
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Man, you people are almost too helpful.
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Since there isn't one for the House, here's the seating chart for the current Senate.
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Wow, that's great, thewittyname. Thanks!
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Wow, via thewittyname's link, if you mouse-over a senator's name it highlights their desk on the chart... but if you click on their name it shows you a photo of their actual desk drawer, complete with graffiti from senators past!
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