Where can I find nice larger-sized men's dress shirts?
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I am looking to purchase (online) a dress shirt for a man with a 20-inch neck and 34-inch sleeves.

I have googled but it's hard to tell what the quality is so I would appreciate specific suggestions. I am willing to spend from $75-150 depending on how much I like it. This is to go with a dark blue suit. As an example of what I'm looking for, I liked some of the patterned Perry Ellis shirts in the store (which were too small of course).
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See this ranking of best sources in NYC.

Tops on their list is Paul Stuart. But looking at their size charts, your guy is kind of unusually proportioned. My suggestion would be, shop online, but buy by phone. At a place like Paul Stuart's, they'll take their time helping you out. They might suggest alternatives if they haven't got what you need.
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How quickly do you need it? I picked up a couple shirts from Jantzen Tailors in Hong Kong, but I understand their mail order can take a little while.
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Charles Thyrwitt shirts are nice and come in neck sizes up to 20". They don't stock 34" sleeves, but for $10 they'll do the alteration for you. And looks like they have a great sale on now.

Also look for Ike Behar shirts. I have a couple in a similar size and they're decent. Rochester Big & Tall sells them online.
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Please do not do this unless you have no other option. I was a size 20 neck for many years. The range in fits for 20 neck is enormous. I was never able to buy a shirt without trying it on first. For the money you are willing to pay, you should get your guy a custom tailored shirt.
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If that is really your price range, tailored shirts are absolutely the way to go.
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Building on what hworth said, the standard necksize x sleevelength measurements only work for people fit a certain body type. Which body type? Whichever the pattern is based on. I nominally wear a 17 x 34, which isn't particularly unusual, but haven't really had a shirt that fit well until I got something custom made. I imagine the farther outside the mean you go, the worse the fit.
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Made to measure is really the best option for someone that big, because as many folks have mentioned, body types very wildly at that size. For $75-150 you should be totally fine, price-wise. On the higher end of that you could even do it locally.
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Sounds like you need a big & tall store. My husband buys dress clothes from Rochester Big & Tall, which a quick look tells me carries Ike Behar shirts (as recommended) in the size you mention. I've bought clothes from them in several different locations, although I've never purchased online, and their customer service has always been top-notch. We've never had trouble with returns, including things sent by out-of-state relatives as Christmas/birthday gifts.

I have no commercial connection with Rochester; they just know how to make a big/tall guy (my husband is 6'4" and built like a Viking) look really sharp in nice clothes.
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